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Big Fat Liar

Jason Sheperd is a little brat. He knows how to con people all the time and telling a lie for his own good from time to time doesn’t really hurt him. One day he gets ran over by film producer Marty Wolf’s limousine, he forgets his school paper in the car and nobody, including his parents, believes he actually wrote the paper and he’s being forced to follow summer school.

When he sees a trailer for an upcoming movie from Marty Wolf called Big Fat Liar – the same title of his school paper – Jason gets completely pissed as he realises the movie producer stole his paper and used it to make a movie. Together with his girlfriend, they head off to L.A. to force Marty Wolf to call his dad and say that Jason did write the paper and that Marty stole it. Of course, Marty – being the mean guy that he is – doesn’t want to do it. Jason and his girlfriend now take matters into their own hands and will start to make Marty’s life miserable. Marty doesn’t know who he’s messing with…

Sound and Vision:
Both image and sound quality are good. This isn’t a big box office movie so don’t expect special effects flying off the screen, but for a normal production, you can get a lot worse. Except for some aliasing, I didn’t find any disturbing problems so that’s good.

Same goes for the sound, dialogues come from the center speakers, the minor effects and music are used in all channels and thus creating a good atmospheric sound.

If you look at the amount of extras on the disc you might think this disc is filled with great stuff.

I’m not going to say it’s bad, but the “Making Of” is rather dull, much like the audio commentaries of Frankie Muniz and director Shawn Levy. The deleted scenes are pretty entertaining although in pretty bad image quality. The look at Universal Studio’s gives you a map where you can select several places and see the scene that was shot there. Last we get the theatrical trailer.

Anyone who has seen any teenager tv-series will recognise loads of people in this movie. Actually, it’s filled with actors from such series starting of course with Frankie Muniz from “Malcolm in the Middle”. The role that Muniz plays here shows a lot of resemblences with that serie although he isn’t part of some family with caveman-intelligence. Overall, the movie is pretty entertaining although it will probably appeal more to children than adults due to the overacting and very simple storyline.

Our Score:

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