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Big Nothing

Charlie has written a book but there’s little interest for it so he decides to try to get a job. He’s suffering from a disease that gradually deteriorates his memory but he’s anxious to “provide” for his wife, Sheriff Penelope Wood. After his first day at a local helpdesk turns into a disaster, his colleague Gus makes him an offer: the two can make a ton of money by extorting a local priest who’s been surfing porn for quite some time. Gus, through the job at the helpdesk, has gotten his hands on logs of the priest’s surfing behaviour and it looks like it will be easy money. At least, that’s what both men thought…

Sound and Vision:
Big Nothing has decent image quality without compression errors that spoil the fun or grain. There’s plenty of detail and nothing that really bothers.

The sound is also quite good with clear dialogues and subtle use of the surround speakers and subwoofer.


Big Nothing is a black comedy in the likes of Shaun of the Dead and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong is the message. But does the movie itself go wrong? Well, it doesn’t. The cast does a decent job (we love Simon Pegg) and the absurd plot twists are pretty good as well. The movie will never become as memorable as Shaun of the Dead due to it being not so incredibly original, but overall it’s good a decent amount of comedy and is quite fun to watch.

Our Score:

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