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Big One, The

Michael Moore goes on tour to promote his book “Downsize This” and along the way he visits companies that have been laying off people and confronts them with what they’ve done. The top of his movie has him in a face to face discussion with Nike’s head honcho Phil Knight.

Sound and Vision:
This documentary is shot with some sort of upgraded handycam so you can’t expect too much of the quality but still things are quite decent. You can see that nothing is put in scene and that there’s no acting involved. There are no compression errors or edge enhancement but some grain is present but that’s because of the medium the film was taped on.

The soundtrack isn’t much as it consists only of dialogues along with some very minor music. Special effects are completely absent but the dialogues are coming nicely out of the front speakers and are clear and understandable so that’s ok for us for this type of film.


Michael Moore made an excellent documentary with lots of facts that will make you laugh but rather should make you cry as it gives a pretty frightening view on American society today. Definitely worth checking out!

Our Score:

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