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Bionic Woman Season 1

Jamie Summers is a hard-working woman who tries to have somewhat of a life while taking care of her teenage sister. Her life gets turned upside down when she and her boyfriend get into a car accident. It seems her boyfriend Anthros isn’t just a scientist and a teacher but he’s also part of a secret organisation that’s experimenting with bionic implants and in order to save Jamie after the crash, he decides to operate her and give her some “upgrades”. Jamie quickly discovers that her new arm, legs and eye give her extraordinary capabilities but those 50 million dollars worth of technology in her body also mean that she’s got a new job: saving the world from bad guys.

Sound and Vision:
The image has quite vivid colors and except for some minor aliasing there are no problems. Compression errors are almost completely absent and there’s plenty of detail present.

The sound comes in a nice 5.1 soundtrack that does its job well with crystal clear dialogues and good use of the surround speakers for effects and music.

A couple of profiles, a “Making of” of the car crash scene and another feature on the stunts itself. Pretty nice.

Bionic Woman is somewhat of a remake of the 1970s show with the same name (although there are a couple of differences). At first the show got very high ratings and managed to appeal to a lot of viewers but the interest quickly dropped, probably due to the fact that the storyline with Katee Sackhoff’s character Sarah Corvus only goes on for a couple of episodes and then the series becomes pretty standard and rather simplistic which may fit nicely with the 1970s original but doesn’t hold up these days.

Bionic Woman isn’t a bad series but there are a couple of loopholes in the plot and the rather “nice” atmosphere made viewers drop off quickly and the show has therefore been unofficially cancelled so things will probably remain with this single season.

Our Score:

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