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Ten years after her first husband passed away, Anna is about to get married again, this time with Joseph. However, then a ten year old boy called Sean suddenly enters their lives and claims he’s the reincarnation of her late husband. Although Anna doesn’t believe the story at first, Sean seems to know a lot of stuff about her and while he’s getting more and more involved in her life, Anna starts to doubt…

Sound and Vision:
We get very natural and sharp images that could use a little more detail. Also there’s constantly grain present in the movie but the contrast is decent. Compression errors are absent.

The emphasis in this movie is towards the front speakers but the surrounds do get used for environment sounds and creation of some additional atmosphere. The subwoofer doesn’t get used at all though, which is too bad as your system doesn’t get used to its full potential.


Nicole Kidman does again an excellent job in Birth and director Jonathan Glazer has managed to make it a pretty good movie that runs on atmosphere. Paradiso already released this movie quite some time ago but now they re-release it with different packaging. The content on the disc remains the same though. Some extras wouldn’t have hurt.

Our Score:

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