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Black Dahlia, The

Bucky Bleichert and Lee Blanchard are two cops in LA who managed to get into the investigations department of the police thanks to a boxing match between the two that perfectly fit in a marketing action to get more money for the police department. Still, they’re very good at what they do and make a perfect duo of crime solvers. When in January 1947 the body of Elizabether Short, aka The Black Dahlia, is found Lee immediately dives into the case. In such a way even that he gets obsessed with it and lets other cases slip. Bucky is concerned about his colleague and friend but decides to cover for him until he starts to notice strange things that show there might be more going on than just a simple murder investigation.

Sound and Vision:
The movie is filmed with a brownish filter which gives the image a true 1940s atmosphere. Compression errors weren’t detected by us and the level of detail is also pretty good, just like the contrast.

The sound is decent with subtle use of the surround speakers and some support from the subwoofer. Also the music is nicely integrated and adds a lot to the atmosphere.

None in the version we received. The Special Edition has the usual Dutch Filmworks stuff:
– B-roll
– Featurette “A look inside”
– Interviews with cast & crew
– Film clips
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery
– Trailers

The Black Dahlia is based on the novel by James Ellroy and is an almost perfect example of a film noir. Ellroy also wrote L.A. Confidential and this one has a pretty similar atmosphere. Still, I personally found that this one can’t stand up to the latter. The reason for this being that L.A. Confidential has a better cast (although Scarlett Johansson, Josh Hartnett and Aaron Eckhart do a pretty good job) and a more interesting and intrigueing storyline. The Black Dahlia is inspired by one of the “most notorious unsolved murder cases in California” but doesn’t really manage get together as a whole. There’s too many side-tracking to make a decent whole and although the film does manage to keep you interested, the ending is pretty disappointing in my opinion. Where L.A. Confidential managed to bring different storylines together to end in a grand finale, The Black Dahlia misses a bit of action to make it truly great. Still, I would certainly recommend renting it.

Our Score:

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