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Black Sheep SE

The Oldfield family has been breeding sheep for ages already and currently they’ve got no less than 50.000 of them. When Oliver’s dad dies in an accident while Oliver’s still a kid, he gets an irrational fear for the animals and leaves home to go to the city.

Years later, Oliver returns to sign a deal with which he signs over the entire farm to his older brother Angus. However, Angus has been doing some genetic experiments on the sheep in order to make them better but instead he’s made them fierce predators that will kill anyone in sight. And to make things worse: people that get bitten by them transform to sheep-like monsters! How will Oliver cope with his worst fear becoming reality?

Sound and Vision:
No compression errors to be seen, but there is some grain present in the image. The movie is low-budget and you can see that in the camera use and the rather un-stylized images. Not that one would get bothered by that in such a movie though.

The sound is pretty good with again a nice DTS track making full use of the available channels on your surround system.

The special edition comes with a nice-looking cardboard cover over the dvd case and inside there’s two discs where the second one carries the extras. Those are the usual stuff from Dutch Filmworks like film clips, deleted scenes, audio commentary, interviews, a making of, photo gallery, liner notes and a behind-the-scenes feature. All in all nothing spectacular.

Black Sheep puts itself in the line of movies like Bad Taste and Braindead (Peter Jackson) as well as Evil Dead (Sam Raimi). Although I cannot deny that the type of movie is very similar, it doesn’t really match up to those films. Black Sheep is funny with its over-the-top gory special effects and crazy characters, but the latter is where things aren’t at the same level as in Evil Dead or Bad Taste. The cast tries to do its best, but cannot match Bruce Campbell in his role of Ash, nor are the jokes as great as those in Bad Taste.

Don’t get me wrong, Black Sheep is fun to watch, but saying it’s on the same level of the previously mentioned movies would be giving it a bit too much praise

Our Score:

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