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Blade 2

Comic book turned movie, turned video game. We’ve seen it before and we will keep seeing it in the future. Still, Blade is an excellent character to base a video game on, even more than most other movie characters that are being portrayed as video game heroes these days.

Sadly, Blade 2 (the game) is quite a disappointment much like the movie was compared to the original Blade film.

The gameplay consists in battling your way through several levels filled with vampires and other scum. At your disposal are loads of weapons but instead of being able to take whatever you want with you, you have to choose your weapons in the beginning of your mission which is not the best way to bring up the fun factor in this type of game. Also, weapons get unlocked after having earned enough points by killing vamps so you’ll start off with your hands and a pistol.

The strangest thing in Blade 2 is the use of your sword. You can’t use your sword at will, you have to earn points to be able to use it and that’s in my opinion just plain ridiculous. What’s the point of playing Blade without being able to continuously chop off heads with your sword ?

The fighting and movement config is also a strange decision the makers made. Your left analogue stick is used for movement while the right one is for fighting. The game tells you to move slow and rythmical to make nice combo’s, but try doing that when you’re surrounded by blood-sucking hoodlums.

Graphically, Blade 2 is not too shabby as the characters are nicely modelled and the death-animations where vampires turn to dust are pretty cool. However, the environments are dull and way too repetitive. Nothing really brings forward the dark atmosphere you would expect from a game based on Blade. The only really nice thing are the fatal moves, where the camera goes into closeup and Blade kills the last of a bunch of vampires in a really cool and special way, much like you can see in movies these days.

The sound effects are much like the graphics alright but nothing out of the extraordinary. Weapon effects are pretty good but overall, I wouldn’t think too much of it. Don’t expect too many speech either as except for the mission briefings from Whistler there are only 3 sentences that you’ll hear : “Get him”, ”It’s the daywalker” and “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer”.

In general we could say that Blade 2 is a game which had a lot of potential but failed due to lack of variety and atmosphere. It’s like a game that’s halfway through feature development but where the developers didn’t get enough time to make things as they should which results in another mediocre game that takes up shelve space.

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