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Blade Runner Director's Cut

Harrison Ford plays Rick Deckard in this classic movie from Ridley Scott. Deckard is a detective in the Los Angeles of the 21st century and he has to apprehend a couple of genetically engineered replicants that have gone berserk, killing people.

The movie is from 1982 and this DVD release shows again how big the difference is between movies from that period and those of now. The pace is very slow and the director’s cut no longer has the voice over comments from Deckard and focuses more on how the love story between Harrison Ford and Rachael (a replicant) evolves. Also the grand finale is different from the original movie and overall the film is more emotional than the original version.

Sound and Vision:
It shows that this movie is from 1982. Dolby Digital was hardly used in that time and although the makers of the DVD tried their best to improve the quality, don’t expect too much special effects. Also the image quality is far below most modern DVD releases.


Blade Runner the Director’s cut is nothing to test your home cinema with. The release is more focused on fans of the original movie who want to have the director’s cut in their collection. Still, a classic like this one without any extras is a disgrace. Combining that fact with sound and vision quality far below current standards and the end result is that if you’re really interested in the director’s cut you might want to rent it. Buying is only interesting if you find it at a really cheap price.

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