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Blade: Trinity SE

Things aren’t going too great for Blade. While killing a human vampire helper, he was filmed and now he’s got the entire police force on his back as well as the FBI. When they do a raid on his headquarters, he gets captured and Whistler even gets killed. Lucky for him, a second cell of vampire killers under the lead of former vampire Hannibal King and Whistler’s daughter Abigail come to rescue him from the police station, but when they’ve escaped there’s some more bad news; the vampires have searched and found the very first vampire: Drake aka Dracula.

Dracula’s intentions are quite obvious, he wants to destroy mankind and put them into harvesting farms so they keep producing blood while the vamps rule the earth. However, a virus has been created that could destroy all vampires but to be effective, it needs to be mixed with pure vampire blood. Blood of Dracula…

Sound and Vision:
RCV clearly makes a mark here. While the latest dvd’s we’ve checked out had mediocre image and sound at best, with Blade: Trinity they show what they can do when they want to. The image quality is quite perfect with decent contrast, lots of detail and sharp image without compression errors or edge enhancement. The brown filters that were omnipresent in Blade 2 are still there but in a much more sofisticated way than in the previous episode, making it so that black is indeed black and not a dark shade of brown.

Where the dvd really excells is the sound department. The DTS 6.1 ES track aggressively uses all channels and has the music pounding through your speakers during the action while dialogues do remain clear at all times. Very impressive!

– Trailers
– Interview of the writer with director David S. Goyer
– Alternative Ending
– Bloopers
– Foto Galleries
– Special Effects Documentary

Although there’s a huge list of extras on the disk, don’t be fooled. RCV seems to think that an extensive menu also can be counted as an “extra”. Only the special effects part is worth checking out and maybe the interview.

Blade:Trinity has a stupid storyline with far-fetched ideas (vampire dogs or a shape-shifting Dracula anyone?) and dialogues that have less meaning than a chili dog during winter season (“Did you see that guy? We can’t win!”). Although we get a new super villain in the form of Dracula, he doesn’t even manage to lick the heels of Stephen Dorff’s character in the original Blade and while the actors on the good side have improved (Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel do a good job), the budget for bad guys must have run out as they are worse than awful and look more like pathetic mutants with brain damage than evil predators. However, when reading the above, you must think I found myself wasting time while watching but I didn’t. I quite liked Blade: Trinity a lot more than Blade 2. The action is very nicely portrayed, the soundtrack is fantastic and although we probably will never get something like the disco-scene with the blood coming out of the sprinklers in the first Blade movie, the style and atmosphere are pretty much ok. The fact that the brown filters aren’t constantly used also helps a lot in my opinion.

What we are left with is a DVD that’s technically excellent, and a movie that although brainless (please do not try to think while watching as you’ll only hurt your brain) does manage to keep you interested. If you are looking for a comic book movie and have to choose between Constantine and Blade: Trinity, the latter gets my preference any day.

Our Score:

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