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Vampires are ruling our society. They’ve infiltrated just about any important organisation and have plenty of followers that would do anything for them in exchange to get bitten.

Blade, a half-breed vampire born right after his mother got bitten and died, has set himself the mission to rid the earth from the bloodsuckers in an attempt to avenge his mother and together with his partner, Abraham Whistler, he fights them everywhere he can. When one night Blade sees Dr. Karen Jenson get bitten, he manages to save her and find out she could be a powerful new allie to his fight. When investigating what the local vampires are up to, he finds out local vamp leader Deacon Frost is planning to unleash the Blood God, La Magra, which would make him invincible…

Sound and Vision:
This Blu-ray is yet another one of RCV’s first batch of releases on the new medium and contains pretty decent image quality that’s nicely cleaned up. Detail is good, colors overall are very dark except for red (blood) which is extremely bright. The transfer was done well and we can’t complain at all.

The sound of the DVD was already pretty good but the DTS-HD track we find here has a bit more punch, making especially the introduction scene sound more powerful.


RCV has released a whole batch of Blu-ray movies in one go and just as with the others, this one is focusing on bringing slightly improved image and sound quality at the expense of extras. Of course this brings down the price a bit so if you don’t care about extras, this release is definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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