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Blair Witch Project, The

Three college film students head off to make a documentary about the Blair Witch. The legend goes that people have been disappearing near the woods at Burkittsville and are killed by the Blair Witch. After doing some interviews with the local population, the three head off into the woods but as time passes, they start hearing strange noises. Little later, one of them disappears. The next night, the two others hear awful screaming and decide to leave the next day. However, they’ve lost their way and don’t know how to return back to civilization.

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound of this movie are all but good. However, the movie is made like a documentary and filmed on Hi-8 and 16mm camera which explains the awful quality.

Mockumentary Curse of the Blair Witch Mythology
Director’s and Producer’s commentary
Newly discovered footage
Cast & Crew information
Production Notes
Theatrical Teaser & Trailers

Some interesting extras, especially the fake documentary and deleted scenes are quite good.

The Blair Witch Project was released a couple of years in the cinema and made a storm through movieland which resulted in an obligatory sequel. The movie cost almost nothing, contains no special effects, has awful image and sound quality, but the reason that it was so successful are a simple but good storyline, decent acting and an tremendous amount of atmosphere. Before the Blair Witch Project, a movie like this had never been seen before and the completely new style appealed to people which resulted in enormous box office sales.

The dvd release brings this movie to the small screen but the movie keeps its atmosphere without any problems as it isn’t dependant on a cinema set. The additional extras on the disk are quite fun and all in all I would most certainly suggest to get this DVD.

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