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After Detective Sergeant Tom Brant beat up a guy in a snooker hall for resisting arrest, he’s gotten himself the name of maniac cop. When a couple of hoodlums try to break into his car and he gives them the beating of a lifetime, he gets ordered to get his act together and tone down a bit as the police department has been having quite a lot of negative press lately and can’t handle much more.

When a serial killer who calls himself The Blitz starts shooting cops, Brant and his new boss Nash quickly manage get some good leads to the killer’s identity, but will they be fast enough to stop him before he kills more of their colleagues?

Sound and Vision:
Blitz is a British movie with a gritty look in the style of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells. As such, the image isn’t pretty. Things look soft and hazy, colors are all but vibrant and overall the movie has a very brownish/bronze look. There’s also some grain and white speckles here and there, but this all still works very well to create the atmosphere director Elliott Lester wanted to have. So all in all a transfer that does justice to the movie, but isn’t pretty nonetheless.

The soundtrack accompanying the movie is involving, atmospheric and nicely supports the action with good placement, plenty of subwoofer support and a highly ambient use of the rears for music as well. Nice work!


Jason Statham is the action hero of the moment, doing one action flick after the other and with quite a lot of success. In Blitz we find him back as hot-headed cop Tom Brant, out to find a serial killer who’s got it in for cops. It looks and sounds like a pretty straightforward action movie, but as usual with British movies, there’s a bit of an angle compared to most American movies and that’s the level of depth present.

The movie not only focuses on the action, but also the psyche of the characters and where most action heroes are rather simple, Statham manages to give some depth to Brant who’s clearly struggling with his inner demons. Don’t think this goes too deep, though, as Statham’s usual moves are still very present and his fighting skills are all over the place again. However, combined with a reasonably decent story and the great filming and directing of Elliott Lester, Blitz manages to rise above the average action vehicle and leans more towards more intelligent thrillers a la Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrells.

All in all, not a very surprising police movie but definitely a decent one that shows Statham can do more than just role his muscles.

Our Score:

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