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Blood & Chocolate 2-Disc SE

After her parents got murdered in the US when she was 10, Vivian went to live with her aunt Astrid in Bukarest, Rumania. Both women are part of one of the last groups of Loup-Garoux (werewolves) in the world and they can change into the animal any time they want. Gabriel, leader of the pack, gets to choose a new wife every seven years and after Astrid, it’s supposed to be Vivian’s turn now. Vivian isn’t all too happy with this though, and she doesn’t like the nightly hunting parties they’re having where “criminals” are being hunted and killed either. Her disliking of these rituals don’t really do much though and she has to abide by the laws of her community. When she meets Aiden, a comic book artist who’s doing research for his next graphical novel on werewolves, she falls in love with him. Gabriel of course isn’t all too fond of this as Vivian is supposed to become his next bride…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor grain present as well as a couple of compression artefacts but overall the image quality is more than decent. Good contrast and level of black, plenty of detail, and an image that nicely fits the cold atmosphere of Rumania.

The soundtrack does its job nicely as well with good use of surround speakers and subwoofer but some more punch wouldn’t have hurt. And this even with there being a DTS track present.

Trailer, liner notes, photo gallery, tv spots, film clips, deleted scenes, promo trailers, promotional interview clips … Why does Dutch Filmworks keep putting crap like this on dvd? And what’s so special about a 2-disc special edition if it’s filled with junk?

Better to use that steelbook case (which looks lovely by the way) for a 1-disc release.

Blood & Chocolate is a movie about two people that fall in love and get obstructed by a powerful leader. Feel that it sounds a lot like Romeo & Juliet? Yes it does, but the catch this time is that there’s werewolves! Guess some producer in Hollywood must have found himself to be quite the guy for coming up with that! The fact of the matter is that this movie is fish nor flesh. It’s a romantic movie with horror elements and neither of the two genres really manages to make an impression. Those that like horror will find it way too boring while those that like romance will hate the werewolve-element.

The acting is reasonable but there’s nothing about this movie that really stands out. Except for the beautiful steelbook case of course.

Our Score:

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