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Blood Diamond

Solomon Vandy is a simple fisherman in the by civil war terrorised Sierra Leone. One day, his village is overrun by rebels from the RUF and he gets captured and sent to the nearby diamond mine to work. He finds a huge diamond and manages to hide it before the government army comes in and takes everyone prisoner. In jail he meets with Danny Archer, an ex-mercenary and diamond smuggler who of course would like to get his hands on Solomon’s diamond as he sees it as his ticket out of Africa.

When Danny gets released, he makes sure Solomon also gets out by Solomon only wants one thing: to be reunited with his family. When Danny meets Maddy Bowen, a journalist interested in getting the full story on diamond smugglers, he sees in her the possibility to help Solomon get together with his family and along the way get his hands on the diamond.

Sound and Vision:
The image only has one noticeable flaw and that’s edge enhancement. For the rest we get beautiful quality with raw images that perfectly go with the tone of the movie, has plenty of detail, good contrast and intensive colors.

The soundtrack comes in Dolby Digital 5.1 with good spreading of the front speakers and crystal clear dialogues. The surrounds are nicely used for explosions and special effects which makes it very dynamic. Only too bad that there isn’t a DTS track as that would have had some more detail.

Extras? Warner seems to have decided that Blu-ray disc could use some support so except for an audio commentary track and a theatrical trailer the dvd is left out cold. One way of creating “added value” for Blu-ray… don’t add new stuff on the new format, but just remove all but the basics from the old. Swindle if you ask me.

Blood Diamond wants to make a point and up to a certain level, it succeeds in that goal. Yes, civil war in Africa is terrible. Yes, diamonds and other fancy stuff are being used to fund wars over there. We know all that and the way it’s being told through the story of one man looking to get reunited with his family is as such pretty decent, but unfortunately the movie doesn’t manage to completely convince and I blame the obligatory Hollywood love story for that. If it weren’t for Danny Archer and Maddy Bowen suddenly falling in love, this movie would have been just that tiny bit more realistic and convincing than it already is and maybe then those five Oscar nominations wouldn’t have remained nominations.

Warner has done a good job with the transfer although we could have done without the edge enhancement, but releasing this dvd without any extras is pure swindle in order to get people to buy a Blu-ray player if you ask me. In the US a 2-disc Special Edition has been released, so why not here?

Our Score:

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