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Blood Trails

When Anne meets the attractive Chris, she pretty quickly ends up in bed with him. However, his sexual preferences aren’t exactly hers so afterwards she wants to forget the whole experience as soon as possible. To do that, she invites her friend Michael on a romantic weekend in the mountains where both can ride around on their mountain bikes without being bothered by anyone. At least, that’s the plan. Little after they arrive, Chris suddenly shows up and kills Michael. Anne now is all alone with a crazy madman on a deserted mountain and the only way for salavation is to drive her bike down the mountain as fast as possible.

Sound and Vision:
The contrast makes the overall image look dark and grim but we didn’t spot any compression errors, edge enhancement or any other problems. The amount of detail is decent but could be better at times.

The sound is pretty good with the 5.1 soundtrack adding some additional atmosphere.


Blood Trails is a pretty decent – although rather standard – horror movie where the girl has to escape from a mad killer. We get all the usual ingredients but where most movies tend to go for either comedy or originality, Blood Trails tries to bring a sniff of realism that makes the movie more grimm and dark. Indies/Mediabank deliver Blood Trails with decent image and sound quality but not additional extras. Seeing that the movie was part of the official selection of the April 2006 Dead by Dawn International Horror Film Festival, some extras wouldn’t have hurt.

Our Score:

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