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Blood Work

Terry McCaleb, FBI profiler, is on the heels of a serial killer when he gets a heart attack while chasing the vicious killer. Two years later he’s retired and is recovering from an operation in which he got a new heart when he gets contacted by the sister of the donor who wants him to investigate the murder on her sister. Despite his doctor’s advise to not take the case and to stay calm, McCaleb decides that he owes this women and starts to check out what happened.

When he finds out that not only his donor has been killed but that there’s been another victim aswell and that the only link between these two was the fact that they’ve got the same blood type as him, a gruesome idea comes to his mind: they were both killed to make sure he got a new heart.

Sound and Vision:
Both image and sound are of a decent quality. We get no disturbing errors in the screen nor edge enhancement or any other things that might spoil our viewing fun.

Same goes for the soundtrack: the movie is mostly dialogue-driven and the surround channels are used only when necessary. The voices are clear and well-understandable throughout the film.
Quality from Warner as we’re used to get.

Next to a “Making Of” which is quite slow-paced and to be honest to too interesting (Wanda DeJesus looks like she’s got problems with speaking), we get the theatrical trailer and a conversation with Clint Eastwood, Wanda DeJesus and Paul Rodriguez in Spanish.

Clint Eastwood is getting older, but should that mean that his movies are getting as slow as he himself is ? I wouldn’t say so as we’ve seen a couple of beauties from him the last couple of years. Unfortunately, Blood Work isn’t one of them. The movie tries to go deep into the characters but sadly Clint the director only manages to slow down the pace and make the movie boring as hell. When the “grand finale” and the “unexpected plot change” arrive, you’ve already figured out everything a half hour before Clint the actor did. Rent before deciding to buy. I would recommend this dvd only to real Eastwood fans who want to have their collection complete.

Our Score:

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