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Rayne is a crossing between a human and a vampire, a so-called Dhampir. After Kagan, king of the vampires, kills her mother, she wanders off and gets hooked up with a circus where she gets an act as freak of nature. One night when she’s full grown, one of the carnies tries to rape her but of course that’s not a good idea. This makes her think back about her mother and as a result she transforms into Bloodrayne and sets out to seek revenge on Kagan.

Sound and Vision:
No compression errors, decent amount of detail and good contrast. Nothing bad to be said about the image quality, guess there’s something good to say about this movie after all 😉

The sound is nice with some good effects, but nothing that really stands out. Typical stuff like we’re used to from recent movie releases.

A commentary track by director Uwe Boll, some CGI feature that shows the difference between final product and the shooting, and a foto gallery. The only slightly interesting feature is “Diner with Uwe Boll” where the guy gets interviewed in a quite casual way about his work and other things. This may be worth checking out (I quite liked it actually)

Bloodrayne is yet again a game adaptation to the big screen by Uwe Boll and again it’s a lot of crap. You may have high expectations when looking at the cast that includes Michael Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez, Billy Zane and even Ben Kingsley, but don’t be fooled by that. These actors were clearly in it for the money and it looks like they’re falling asleep when doing their lines. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a cast behave so bored. The script isn’t much better; cardboard characters and relationships that are hanging on a nylon thread.

In the end, the conclusion is simple: this is again an utter piece of crap by the hand of Uwe Boll. Forget this exists. Now!

Our Score:

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