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Bloody Murder 2

You take Friday the 13th, add a sniff of Halloween, put a couple of youngsters together in a summer camp and complete the dish with loads and loads of blood. What do you get ? Right, Bloody Murder 2.

After the last murders, time has gone by pretty quietly and Trevor Moorehouse has become some kind of Urban Legend. When the summer camp gets reopend and the new crew one night start to play a game of Bloody Murder though, a man with white mask appears and the killing starts again. One by one, the people in the camp get murdered. Will anyone be able to survive?

Sound and Vision:
Well, we’ve definitely seen better quality. Grain is almost omnipresent and so is dirt on the movie. Detail could have been better aswell. But hey, it’s a low budget release so what do you expect ?

The soundtrack is dolby surround but not really overwhelming. Where movies like Halloween: Resurrection have the rear channels pouring out sounds that make the hair on your back stand up straight, here we only get some extra input from time to time and hardly any surprising effects. Definitely could have been better

Trailers of Halloween: Resurrection, Bloody Murder 1 and Resurrection. Nothing special

Budget release or not, this movie is a rip-off of known other horror flics and it doen’t even have style. The ending is absurd and there are a couple of twists that hardly make any sense at all. Adding bad image and sound quality and you’ve got something that’s only good for the bargain bin.

Our Score:

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