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Bloody Murder

Trevor Morehouse is the local Friday the 13th’s Jason at the re-opened summer camp where Julie and her friends will be working as counselors. The last couple of decades he’s been put responsible for several murders and disappearances and thus he’s become the local urban legend. When Julie and her friends start playing a game called “Bloody Murder” (another name for Hide&Seek), the disappearances start again and before long, Julie finds herself with only a couple of others being the last ones standing, trying to keep alive.

Sound and Vision:
Bloody Murder was created in the year 2000 but appears to be a low budget production in all possible ways. Judging the image quality you would think this was made in the 80’s but it is not. Luckily there aren’t any compression errors but level of blackness could have been increased and a less soft image would have been nice.

The soundtrack is not something you need a great dolby system for so maybe we could put this as a positive point.


The typical low budget hack ‘n’ slash is what you get but nothing else. Don’t expect funny quotes or anything nor good acting or anything that could have been called “good” like a decent plot for example. Personally I don’t understand that people want to give money to make a movie like this. Give it to me and I’ll be sure to make a better movie 🙂 I also don’t understand why a sequel to this movie was ever made…

Our Score:

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