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BLU: Psych 9

Roslyn Hanniger who’s had some mental issues in the past is hired to help archive old documents in a hospital that’s getting closed down. Each night she goes there to file tons of papers but as she starts looking at them, it looks more and more as if the hospital may be at the center of recent murders that are being committed in the neighborhood by a serial killer called “The Nighthawk”.

As her paranoia starts acting up more and more and she starts seeing anyone as a potential suspect for the murders – including even her own husband – she decides to put her trust in Dr. Clement, the psychiater who’s also doing the night shift but on the ninth floor. It is there that she finds “Psych 9”, a treatment chamber that has quite some history before it was decommissioned but a history that’s now come back to haunt the present…

Psych 9 doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. There are parts of a ghost story, parts psychological thriller, parts slasher, … the makers clearly couldn’t make up their mind and decided to try all different angles in the hope things would turn out alright. But they didn’t. The entire movie feels confusing, the characters are all bit likeable and the acting isn’t convincing either making the entire experience quite boring. In the end you couldn’t care less if anyone dies or not, and the plot leaves you equally cold. Boring stuff.

Image and sound are decent but while the cold color palette is supposed to enhance the atmosphere (we’re guessing here) it actually distances you even further from what’s going on on the screen. All in all quite the disappointment as there are far better low budget horror flicks available. We get some added bonus features on the disc including deleted scenes, outtakes and a feature on director Andrew Shortell, but by the time you might want to check them out you’ve lost interest completely and will just pop the disc out of the player.

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