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BLU: Snow White and the Huntsman (Extended Edition)

After defeating a magical army, King Magnus saves a beautiful woman called Ravenna and, completely overthrown by her beauty, quickly decides to marry her. However, Ravenna isn’t the lady in distress she poses to be but rather an evil sorceress who poisons the king right after the marriage is completed and she’s crowned queen, throws Magnus’ daughter Snow White into the dungeon, and rules the country with iron hand.

Once Snow White turns 18, however, her beauty surpasses that of Ravenna, making the queen’s evil powers decrease. Snow White manages just in time to escape the castle and flees into the nearby dark forest before she gets killed by the sorceress. Knowing that Snow White is the only person in the world that could ever stop her, Ravenna sends out the Huntsman in order to get rid of this danger. The Huntsman, however, becomes enchanted by Snow White and turns into her greatest protector and mentor as she grows into the leader the country needs to overthrow the evil queen.

Snow White and the Huntsman is a dark take on the classic story by the brothers Grimm and has received quite some hype thanks to big names on the billboard and lots of praise for Charlize Theron’s acting. And truth must be said: Theron does a decent job. Her character, in fact, is the most interesting one in the movie. She’s a troubled woman who stands up in a world ruled by men and refuses to let her be subjugated.

The problem with Snow White is actually Snow White herself. She grows up in a dungeon, but after escaping suddenly is supposed to lead an army to victory and take over the rule of the world. This with little to no knowledge as… she’s been living most of her life in a dungeon so how is she supposed to know how to rule a country? This is hardly credible but that isn’t the worst. Kirsten Stewart clearly can’t match Theron when it comes to performance and giving her less dialogue in an attempt to make her stand out doesn’t really help either.

Adding to that, having Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as the Huntsman wasn’t the best choice either. He doesn’t come over as the most clever man and his dialogues aren’t convincing either. He’s fun in Thor because you don’t expect Thor to be all too intelligent, but having him as the second fiddle next to Stewart against a magnificent Charlize Theron makes the movie lose just about all of its credibility. In the end you’re almost disappointed the evil queen doesn’t win!

Snow White and the Huntsman was overhyped and stands tall only thanks to Theron’s performance (even though some of her dialogue too sounds unconvincing) and some cool special effects. If that’s all you’re looking for, or you’re a raging fan of the Twilight movies (which we too find to be quite sucky) then you might like this film. Otherwise you can wait until it’s available in budget or leave it altogether.

Technically Snow White and the Huntsman does a nice job on Blu-ray with only some softer scenes and blacks feeling a bit flat in interior shots tampering slightly with the experience. The audio is also of very high quallity with good use of the surround channels and subwoofer while dialogues never get overwhelmed.

The Extended Edition comes with the cinema version as well as the extended edition (duh!), the 21 minute feature “A New Legend is Born” that has cast & crew interviews as well as an in-depth look on the revisionism of the classic Grimm fairytale, a closer look on the Dwarves, some more interviews with cast & crew in “Reinventing The Fairytale”, a feature on the special effects, and of course an audio commentary track. All this is good for about an hour of extras.

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