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Boiler Room

Seth Davis is a college drop-out who runs an illegal casino in his room. When one night one of his friends brings Greg Weinstein along, Seth gets the opportunity to work for a stock broker and gets the promise that he’ll be earning millions in no-time by selling stocks of little unknown medical companies.

In the beginning everything indeed looks to be going great, but after a while Seth starts to suspect things aren’t all as they seem to be. When he finds out that these medical companies are non-existant and gets the FBI on his back, things start to get rolling fast.

Boiler Room brings back some of the atmosphere of Wall Street. The storyline is original (and pretty actual these days) and Vin Diesel doesn’t play an action hero for once and prooves he’s more than a bunch of muscles.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is overall good but from time to time some compression errors can be seen. Sound is as it should be with good use of surround speakers when necessary. That’s not often though as the movie is more about dialogue than real action.

We get commentary tracks, a couple of deleted scenes including the original ending (which is far more interesting than the one that made the movie, but ok… it’s Hollywood…), the domestic trailer and loads of info on cast and crew. Nothing spectacular, but a nice addition to the movie.

Boiler Room is a low budget DVD which is definitely worth checking out, especially if like movies like Wall Street.

Our Score:

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