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Bon Cop Bad Cop

When a murder is discovered on the border between Quebec and Ontario in Canada, detectives Martin Ward and David Bouchard are teamed up. Both men are very different from each other and have their own ideas on how an investigation has to be done so working together with each other isn’t their preferred situation. Still, things can’t be changed and they quickly find out that a killer is going after people in the hockey community that have something to do with making money on selling players and teams.

Who will be next?

Sound and Vision:
Nothing special to be said about the image. Everything is pretty standard and nothing really is bad or good enough to get a specific mentioning.


Is this a Canadian movie or a French one? Hard to see as the French is spoken with an English accent and the English with an French one, making everything sound incredibly stupid. One might think it’s done intentionally to make the movie funny, but if it is then it beats its purpose as there’s little to laugh with.

The cover of the DVD states this film got 8 nominations and 3 wins at the Genie Awards and that says more about these awards than about the film if you ask me. The comedy is worse than Louis De Funes or the French Taxi-movies and the makers don’t even succeed in making things so bad that they become laughable (like we see in several American/Australian/New Zealand horror flics). Bon Cop Bad Cop tries a funny take on a buddy-cop movie but fails miserably. Unless you’ve got a special interest in French comedy, there’s no reason to check this one out.

Our Score:

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