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Bone Collector, The

Denzel Washinton is Lincoln Rhyme, a brilliant forensics detective who got parallised by an accident. When a serial killer starts rampaging the city, he gets called upon to be the “brains” of the investigation and together with Ameila Donaghy, a young female cop who’s got a talent for forensics, he will try to solve the case before another murder happens.

Sound and Vision:
Both sound and vision are of a remarkable quality. Crystal clear image, no edge enhancement, good contrast and nice color balance (even with the fact that the movie has different color schemes).

The soundtrack is overwhelming when the rear channels are used although this doesn’t happen very often due to the fact that the movie more turns around dialogue than action. All channels are used when necessary and the few times the subwoofer comes in, you’ll have to be deaf to not have noticed it. Very good !

We get an audio commentary track from the director, a documentary which includes interviews with cast and crew (although it doesn’t provide much interesting stuff, mostly it’s about how great everyone was to work with), filmographies of cast&crew and of course the trailer.

The advertising states that this movie is on the level of Seven and Silence of the Lambs, but you shouldn’t forget it’s advertising. It’s an entertaining movie but not the quality of these movies. Still, it’s a reasonably good story with great acting from both Washington and Jolie, and the quality of the DVD is undisputable

Our Score:

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