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It’s Halloween and instead of going with the flow, a couple of teenagers decide to visit the local haunted hospital, Santa Mira. Haunted because it’s common knowledge that on the third floor, the psychiatric ward, something bad has happened and the hospital has been empty ever since. Once they’re inside, their little trip of horror becomes a true horror as the ghosts don’t intend to let them go out again…

Sound and Vision:
The image is very natural in such a way that it looks like an old weekend movie or a home-made flic shot with a decent handycam. We didn’t spot any obnoxious compression errors but the level of detail could be better and the contrast is a bit too dark.

The sound is decent without being special.

– Intensive Care
– Making Of
– Inside the Special Effects
– Deleted and extended scenes with commentary
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery
– Audio commentary trackby writer and director Anthony C. Ferrante

All in all next to the usual crap a couple of decent extras for a worthless movie

“Boo”. Sounds like a scary ghost movie? Correct! However, the simplicity of the title should have given me a hint about its quality. Boo contains a pretty flimsy storyline and acting that’s so bad that even my little cousin can do better (and she’s 12). If after the first 10 minutes you still think “Boo” has any potential, you’ll probably be happy to rent it as the performances don’t improve nor go even more downhill. Personally, my opinion was set after 20 minutes and I had seen enough. Bad acting, scare moments made up completely out of loud noises, and inconsistencies that don’t really make sense. Dutch Filmworks delivers a couple of nice extras for once but sadly enough most people won’t be interested in watching them after seeing this movie.

Our Score:

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