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Ever after he saw his father being taken by a monster in the closet, Tim has been traumatised by the Boogeyman. Years of psychological aid still haven’t conviced him that the boogeyman doesn’t exist and he remains afraid in the dark. When his mother dies, he returns to his hometown where his psychiater advises him to once more spend a night in his parental house to overcome his fears…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are quite good. We didn’t spot any compression errors and the amount of detail and sharpness of the image are more than sufficient. There’s some minor aliasing and edge enhancement but nothing that should bother you.

The DTS track is awesome with some good effects, decent usage of the subwoofer and dialogues nicely coming from the center speaker.

– Interviews: Boring interviews with the main cast & crew.
– Evolution of the horror film: don’t expect a documentary on horror films in general, this feature sadly enough talks only about how Boogeyman came to exist
– Crew, Characters and Cast: some more interview footage
– Deleted Scenes
– Storyboads
– Visual Effects: feature on the boogeyman creature that was created
– B-Roll: boring
– Trailer

Boogeyman is a splendid horror movie up to the last 10 minutes. The tension is kept, the storyline is interesting and if only the ending would have been better, this would have been one of the best we’ve seen the last couple of years. If you’re looking for a fun time with some scares you can’t go wrong with Boogeyman. Universal has done again a decent job on the technical side. The extras are nice (although not superb) while image & sound quality are certainly above average. Good stuff!

Our Score:

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