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Book of Blood

Mary Florescu, an expert in the paranormal is constantly looking for proof that psychic phenomena exist and together with her assistant she travels all over to get something on film.

She hears about a house where a brutal slaying has happened, apparently caused by a haunting, and decides to investigate. When they arrive, she meets up with Simon McNeal who believes he can act as a medium to wake up the spirits that lay dormant in the house. However, once the experiment starts, Simon is in for more than he expected and escape is out of the question…

Sound and Vision:
The image is clean and has sharp detail but the color-drained film isn’t really nice to look at. Can’t blame the transfer for that though. The sound does its job but you may want to turn up the volume in order to really benefit of the scare moments.


Whenever the name “Clive Barker” is mentioned in relation to a movie I get my hopes up to see again something in the nature of Hellraiser or – more recently – Midnight Meat Train. Barker has an excellent talent to create disturbing stories that take you by the balls and don’t let go until the very last second.

Unfortunately, Book of Blood is – as so many movies based on stories of famous horror writers – a dull experience. The way the story evolves is quite uninspired, we get to spend a lot of time with the characters but without ever seeing much substance, and towards the end you have to really pay attention in order not to fall asleep as you get the feeling you’re watching a bad pilot of a new TV series.

Our Score:

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