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Boot Camp

Sophie is seen by her parents as totally out of control. She doesn’t respect her stepdad and when one night during a dinner party of her parents she tells the guests her stepdad likes her a little too much, that’s the final drop. The next morning she wakes up in a boat with a couple of other kids and hears they’re on their way to “Camp Serenity”, a boot camp on one of the Fiji islands where she’ll go through a rehabilitation course. Once there, she quickly finds out that it’s more about brainwashing than rehabilitation. Luckily her boyfriend Ben doesn’t want to leave her so he convinces his parents to send him to Camp Serenity where he meets up with her and tells her he’s got a plan to escape…

Sound and Vision:
The image isn’t all that great. The contrast is a bit off and this results in a loss of detail in several scenes. Luckily compression errors and grain are down to a minimum so the viewing experience doesn’t get ruined.

The sound comes with a 5.1 track but don’t expect too much from it as the movie focuses on dialogues. In the few scenes where some action is present or where the rear channels could actively be used, the sound has a rather hollow feel.


Boot Camp is supposed to be “based on real events”. I’m sure it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s close to reality or makes a good movie. The acting is rather poor and the storyline simplistic. Just like how kids are being shown a very simple reality about what is good and what is bad, this movie does the same: things are either black or white, there are hardly any shades of grey (maybe that’s why the contrast is off?). Mind you, the director does try but unfortunately fails in his attempts to bring some depth to the film.

All in all, Boot Camp is a low budget TV movie without much going for it. The simplicity of the story, the average acting, the lack of depth from the characters and the escalation near the end that really feels like being rushed make this film hardly worth your money.

Our Score:

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