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Border, The

Charlie Smith (Nicholson) has just moved and taken on a new job with the border patrol. His career change has him catch Mexicans crossing the Rio Grande to find more luck in the US. Although he isn’t completely without flaws, he does like to do his job decently but the spend kicks of his wife force him to along with his colleague Cat (Keitel) who earns a buck on the side by getting Mexicans across and getting rid of any competition. When Charlie meets a Mexican girl who has lost her baby to one of Cat’s companions, things go a little too far for him and he decides it’s time to take action.

Sound and Vision:
The image has some grain but luckily we didn’t spot any compression errors. The colors do look a bit dated though.

There’s only a 2.0 track that does its job but don’t expect anything special.


The Border isn’t one of the most well-known movies featuring Nicholson but still this movie catches you. Not by the action or the swift camera work as there isn’t a lot of that present. No, The Border tells you quite objectively how a man gets forced into doing things he doesn’t want to do by circumstances he can’t control and how he tries to set things straight, even if it means do even more things he doesn’t want to. It must be something with the end of the year and the start of the new one as much like Citizen Cohn, Universal didn’t do much with the material at hand. Just a plain release of the movie without anything special.

If you’re looking for a nice action movie, skip this one. However, if you want a movie that doesn’t show you a nice picture of life and has you think twice, this might just be the thing for you.

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