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Lauren Fredericks is an ambitious reporter in Chicago who wants to make a career. When her boss sends her to Mexico, she isn’t all too happy with it, but once there she finds out that there are a lot of women getting raped and killed and she feels that this may be a huge story that can uplift her career. When she meets up with her old friend Diaz (who’s running a local newspaper in Juarez) she also meets a young woman who claims to have survived an attack by the serial killer.

Since the government isn’t doing much to protect the women, Lauren decides to use her power as a reporter to protect the girl by trying to get the full story and bring justice to the ones responsible…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing bad to be said about the image and sound. Everything is as it should with a recent release like this but we do keep wondering why Universal adds a DTS track with releases like these (that hardly benefit from the more dynamic sound) while action blockbusters only get a Dolby Digital one.

A trailer and a couple of interview fragments with main cast as well as the director. Not much but who would want to check out more extras for such a boring movie?

Bordertown is loosely based on actual events that happened in Juarez, an industrial bordertown near El Paso. A huge number of women have been kidnapped and murdered there since 1993 and the movie tries to give some sort of explanation for those events. Unfortunately, the makers seem to have lost it. Did they want to make an action thriller? Or a political story? Or a social story about women being exploited? Not really sure here as the movie tries all three things without succeeding in any.

Bordertown is boring as hell, Lopez is acting like a chicken without a head and the plot where America, the industry and just about everyone in the world who has an above average sallary is blamed for the murders on women is just plain stupid. Nope, this movie isn’t really worth your precious time. After all, time is money.

Our Score:

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