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Bourne Supremacy, The

Jason Bourne (Damon) and his girlfriend Marie (Potente) are in India. Bourne is still having trouble with his memory and he often has flashes of memories of him being in Germany somewhere. One day, he sees a man coming into town and he realises that it’s time to move on again. Unfortunately, before they manage to escape, Marie gets killed. Jason decides to go after the CIA people he believes are after him but he soon finds out that something’s wrong. The CIA suspect him of having killed someone in Berlin while in fact he was in India. It becomes clear pretty rapidly that this whole situation has something to do with his missing memories so he heads off to Berlin where he will try to find out what he did there while being a CIA assassin himself and working for Treadstone. The CIA follows Bourne and tries to get him but that isn’t his only problem. It seems not only the CIA is trying to kill him…

Sound and Vision:
Universal takes us on a visually spectacular tour. The image quality is good despite a couple of moments where we get to see some moiré or color bleeding. Throughout the movie we get a splendid mix of scenes where the action almost splashes into your living room combined with rather calm scenes that show the surroundings very nicely. There’s very different locations and that goes accompanied by different color palettes but the dvd doesn’t have any problems what so ever with that.

The soundtrack is fantastic ! Very dynamic and making optimal use of all channels to create as much atmosphere as possible. Especially during the chase scenes you’ll really get in the middle of all the action. Dialogues remain well understandable at all times. Nothing bad to be said about the sound 🙂

– Audio commentary track
– Deleted Scenes
– Keeping It Real
– Blowing Things Up
– Matching Identities: Casting
– On the move with Jason Bourne
– Bourne to be Wild: Combat Training
– Crash Cam: Racing through the streets of Moscow
– Scoring with John Powell
– Anatomy of A Scene: The Explosive Bridge Chase Scene
– The Go-Mobile Revs Up The Action
– DVD rom features

The different features all combined can be seen as one decent “Making Of”. Strange that Universal decided to split them up in different parts that only cover one specific part of the film.

I’ll make it very simple for you: if you liked The Bourne Identity, this one is a must-have. The Bourne Supremacy goes further on the storyline of the original movie and also most of the main cast returns. Again we get to see a spectacular movie with lots of visual effects but the main thing is that the acting and overall storyline are decent as well (although a bit predictable). When it comes to car chases, a lot of people find the one in Ronin to be the best ever made. Personally I would agree if it weren’t for The Bourne Supremacy. Lots of car chases with the ultimate one in Moscow. Great stuff!

Technically there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the DVD and also the extra’s are (although a bit on the commercial side) worth checking out so there’s no reason not to get this disc.

Our Score:

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