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Bourne Ultimatum – Ultimate 2-disc SE, The

Jason Bourne is still high on the CIA list of people they would rather be without. The department that trained him to become a cold stone killer would prefer to see him dead and when a British reporter starts writing articles about a secret project called Blackbriar, Bourne resurfaces in order to get some more info from the guy. Unfortunately, the guy gets killed by the CIA and Bourne gets spotted.

This doesn’t stop Bourne though, and he starts looking for the reporter’s source together with Nicky Parsons but director Noah Vossen is so fed up with him that he sends out a kill order against Bourne who starts having flashbacks of his past.

Sound and Vision:
Just like with the previous Bourne movies we get splendid image and sound quality and there’s nothing to really complain about. There’s some minor intentional grain in certain scenes, but the level of detail is high, the images are sharp and we didn’t spot any compression errors.

The sound is very dynamic with good use of the rear speakers and subwoofer and we only wonder why Universal didn’t add a DTS track.

– Audio commentary track by Paul Greengrass
– Big City Action: 30 minute feature on the stunts
– Man on the Move: Jason Bourne: a feature that can be seen as an enhanced B-roll. During 22 minutes we follow the crew to different locations in London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and Tangiers.
– The Evolution of Nicky: 10 minutes of background info on Nicky Parsons
– Rooftop Pursuit: short movie where you get to see how the camera is hung on a cable to follow Matt Damon’s escape over the rooftops
– Deleted scenes
– Planning The Punches: fight scene rehearsals
– Driving School: three minutes of practise footage for the car chase
– New York Chase: feature that shows how well chosen camera viewpoints make the action look real
– Music video: Moby – Extreme Ways

This third and final part of the Jason Bourne trilogy has become again a nice action movie but unfortunately it doesn’t manage to stand up to its predecessors. Content-wise the movie is clearly weaker than the previous parts and the hints at a relationship between Bourne and Nicky Parsons only emphasize the loss of Franka Potente’s character Marie.

Still, I’m not saying that The Bourne Supremacy is bad, far from it. If you’re looking for a fun action film, you can hardly go wrong with this one.

The Ultimate 2-Disc Edition comes in a very goodlooking steelbook case and has some nice extras that can occupy the fans for a little longer. Certainly worth the money you pay for it.

Our Score:

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