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Brave One, The

Erica Bain is a pretty succesful radio host who’s got an affair with a North-African guy. One night, when they’re having a walk, they get attacked by a couple of kids who beat her up very badly and kill her boyfriend. When she wakes up in the hospital, she’s been in a coma for several weeks and the police hasn’t been able to identify any of the killers yet. Quite upset with the fact that these men can walk around freely, she has a very difficult time coping with the anger inside her and when she finally decides to go outside her appartment again, she buys a gun for protection.

Little later she’s in a night shop when it gets robbed and the manager killed. In an act of defense, she shoots the robber but completely upset goes back home. As she notices that nobody from the police comes after her, she finds a way to cope with her emotions. It’s time to deliver payback to the scum of the city…

Sound and Vision:
Good image and sound again. Compression errors are down to a minimum, there’s plenty of detail, and nothing really worth complaining about.

The sound does its job nicely with good use of the surround speakers although they don’t have to be used all that often since the special effects are a bit limited. Dialogues are always clear and understandable.

Some sort of “Making Of” called “I walk the City” where the director and main cast talk about the movie and how it gives a twist to the traditional revenge movie.
Next to that a couple of deleted scenes.

I admit it: I’m not a huge fan of Jodie Foster. In fact, I’m not a fan at all. Most of the time I even don’t really like the movies she’s ni (not counting Silence of the Lambs) but this time she managed to surprise me. The Brave One sounds like a typical revenge movie a la “Payback”, but Neil Jordan actually managed to put a whole new dimension in it. There’s a lot of emphasis on the emotions of the main character which make it feel a lot like “The Accused” while also the relationship between Foster’s character Erica Bain and detective Mercer is a joy to watch. Especially the scene in the diner where Mercer and Baine talk to each other while watching in the mirror is fantastic and immediately reminded me of that classic scene in Heat where Pacino and DeNiro are sitting at a table, talking.

The Brave One is a combination of several types of movies and then it’s difficult to keep things on track but this movie does it without a problem. From the very first moment until the last second you’ll follow the characters without every getting the impression there are things that could easily have been left out and at no time will you get bored. 100% class!

Our Score:

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