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Sam Lowry is in the service of the Department of Information, the most dominant government agency in the world in the future. All he does all day is fill in useless documents and he isn’t interested in climbing the career ladder. Until he literally meets the woman of his dreams, that is. He decides to accept a job in a higher position to get access to more government files to find out more about this woman he keeps dreaming about. However, his search gets him in contact with terrorists and into trouble with the government he works for. Still, that doesn’t stop the newly revived Sam Lowry !

Sound and Vision:
The image is rather good for a movie that’s almost 20 years old. The only real downpoint is the use of edge enhancement but for the rest we must admit that this movie is visually impressive with decent level of detail and good color use.

The soundtrack in 2.0 is less impressive. Everything sounds a bit dated and not having a 5.1 track doesn’t really help here.

This is a budget release but we were pleasantly surprised to find a 30-minute documentary on the disc which will let you in on the backstory of Brazil and give you more insight in the storyline. Also a scene that was cut from the final movie is highlighted here. Next to this, we get the official trailer

People that have seen Orson Wells’ 1984 will immediately see similarities in Brazil and this shows that it isn’t your everyday no-brain movie. The storyline is quite complex and watching the documentary is a real plus as you’ll know more about what’s been going on. For a budget release this is definitely worth checking out!

Our Score:

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