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Breach is a movie about the true story of one of America’s biggest scandals when it comes to spying during the Cold War. Eric O’Neill gets transfered inside the FBI to work closely together with Robert Hanssen, one of the big shots in American Intelligence when it comes to security. However, he isn’t expected just to do some simple administrative job. No, his task is to spy on Hanssen as he’s suspected to be one of the biggest leaks of secure information in American history. As Eric gets to know Hanssen as a very religious person who loves his wife and goes to church every week, he starts to have his doubts…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing bad to be said about the image quality, it’s just as you expect from a recent release. Everything is sharp and with enough detail. Compression errors are down to a minimum.

The movie relies heavily on dialogue rather than action and effects and this is also noticeable in the soundtrack which has clear dialogues along with some music.


Ryan Philippe seems to be very careful in picking the movies he’ll play. We’ve hardly seen him in major action blockbusters, but on the other hand most of his films are quite good. The same can be said about this one. It isn’t a movie that breaks the box office, but it’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen such a decent spy movie. With terrorism and remakes being the current preferred subjects of movies, the Cold War seems to have gone a bit to the background and therefore it’s refreshening to be able to check out Breach. A movie that relies more on emotion and tension without being a tearjerker or some stupid comedy. We want more! (only too bad that there’s no documentary on the real Robert Hanssen though)

Our Score:

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