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A man goes on holiday to Greece once and what does he find when he comes home ? A cd-rom disk with the illustrious title “Breed” noted on it. I immediately thought it was some stunt from the government to increase the amount of children (what else with such a title ?) and installed it immediately on my pc. To find out that this had nothing to do with children, my disappointment was huge. But did it remain or did it make place for euphoria ? You’ll soon find out in the following lines.

Breed has nothing to do with breeding kids but handles about an alien race that has taken over earth. The Breed as they’re called have subdued all of humanity but a large part of us are resisting and have flead into space to start life on another planet. There the members of the USC, United Space Corps, are trained. It’s the goal of the Corps to free our world from the breed and in huge numbers they leave in space ships back to earth to save humanity. And that’s the storyline, said in short.

After the intro movie, which best can be described as propaganda for the USC, you get to the main menu where you get a peptalk from the commander (also known as Sgt. Gunny) of the ship you’re in, the USS Darwin. When starting up the game the first thing you choose is the tutorial. In two of these you’ll be shown your way in the world of Breed, the first one teaches you how to walk and shoot while in the second one you’ll learn how to handle vehicles. Both are really well-made and whenever you do something wrong you’ll be yelled at in true drillsergeant-way. You can of course keep trying until you can do what is asked.

Then you can start the first mission and those that ever played the beta of Breed will instantly recognise it as it’s the same, although quite a lot of improvements have been done. In the single player campaign everything is worked out up to the smallest details and you’ll have to take on different roles all the time. One moment you’re a gunner leading your squad, five minutes later you’re the driver of a tank. Very varied gameplay so you won’t get bored.

Same goes for leading your squad. Yelling commando’s is done very fluent and the AI reacts reasonable well. I say “reasonably” because the islands you play on (you only get to play on islands that are military domain) all contain cliffs at the edge of the terrain which come out of the water and your men can’t swim. Take those two things and you’ll instantly realise that when you tell them to spread out there is always one who dares to fall from the cliffs and even if he doesn’t end up in the water, he’ll be hanging around halfway and you can consider him dead. Sometimes this can be quite frustrating if it’s the one guy you can’t loose. For the rest everything is A-OK.

Sadly I can’t say anything about the multiplayer part as my reviewcopy for some obscure reason didn’t want to go online. Those reviewcopies…

Concerning music and graphics I can be quite short. As everyone who’s played the beta will know, they are great. The music sounds really nice and the effects are awesome. You hear grenades falling all around you, alien ammo flying next to your ears and you can even hear yourself run into a tower (if you’re not looking out). The graphics haven’t changed much since the public beta so you’ll probably know what to drool on.

Breed can be called the Halo-killer. It’s time for Halo 2 to be released on pc and for Bungie to really do what they can to make something good of it as competition is killing and Breed won’t be easy to defeat. The terrific gameplay, beautiful graphics and fantastic sound effects will enchant everyone. A true must-have for all people out there, even though you’re not a shooter-lover as also the tactical aspect may not be forgotten. All to the store I would say as I can assure you you won’t be buying a cat in a bag

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