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Breeding on Breed

First of all, BREED is the first major title ever from BRAT designs, combined with the Mercury GFX engine. That’s a big step out of nowhere, isn’t it? Could you give some background info about BRAT designs ?

Sure. Brat Designs was formed in mid 2000 and Breed is their first project. Brat Designs are located in the North East of England and all the team members first met whilst working at Acclaim Studios Teesside.

Given the fact that all the great games need a great pc, BREED differs there, with minimal specs only a 400Mhz processor, 64Mb of RAM. Is the game still loaded with today’s lighting effects or is the Mercury somewhat stripped down? (of course, defend your gfx engine here 😛 )

Well, as you said: We’re talking of minimum specs! Of course it’s necessary to make a game playable in terms of low hardware requirements – and naturally this means that you’ll have to cut down the number of the effects shown in the game. But every guy with a monster-PC out there can be sure that BREED will satisfy his needs on eye-candies… :

The inevitable question: People all over forums compare BREED to HALO .. how much of it is true and what is certainly incomparable to HALO (except it being a console game).

First of all HALO is a game in which player has to fight through LEVELS – in BREED you’ll find MISSIONS. There will be a lot of possibilities for solving different problems – a bit more away from the “linear” gameplay of Halo.
And then… BREED has got a lot more vehicles to use than Halo – that’s a fact that will give VAST variety to the whole game.

BREED is scheduled for release on XBOX, what, how & when?

First of all we’ll finish the PC version. After that we can talk about releasing the title on next-Gen consoles.

Briefly : what’s the story behind BREED ?

The plot draws on a lot of familiar science fiction themes. To keep it short: In the year 2601 AD mankind has crossed the threshold to a new age. Political unity and a booming world economy have kept the planet peaceful, wealthy and stable for decades. Now the flourishing economy has made it possible to reach for the stars, and allowed humans to colonise space. No goal seems unachievable, the rest of the galaxy is an open playing field. 2602 AD – First contact: The Breed, an aggressive alien species, attack distant colonies. Earth sends her armed forces to the colonies in the Besalius system to help defend the defenceless colonists. 2610 AD – Following a long and devastating war against the Breed, Earth’s last remaining spaceship Darwin returns victorious from the ruined remains of the colonies. But all the crew finds at home is a few remnants of what was once a glorious defence force. The planet has been overrun by the Breed, and is now totally under their control. While the fleet was fighting to save millions of lives in the off-world colonies, billions died back home on Earth. Earth’s climate has been artificially heated and adjusted to the Breed’s requirements. The result is a rise in the worldwide water levels.

How do you see BREED evolving, could it become a hype just like Q3, RTCW and TRIBES2 did … do you see BREED becoming a game enlisted on the clanbase ladder.

Sure! Think of the Coop-Multiplayer for the Singleplayer-Missions, the classics like Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch, King of the Hill…

Will there be tools released to the public so that modmakers and mappers have it easier to create their thing ? (since BREED is a multiplayer game).

That’s not for sure yet.

How about the sound, most people have 5.1 systems at home now, will BREED have full surround sound support, what about the sound engine in whole?

The Mercury engine includes specialized audio technology and routines designed specifically to enhance the player’s experience within the game world. All sound effects and speech samples are pre-loaded into memory at the start of the game, allowing the technology to mix, enhance, and tweak various sounds in real-time. In terms of technology, Breed will include the following:

Different sound effects assigned to different textures.

Unique and interesting weapon effects, distorted in real time.

Ambient sound effects controlled by emitters.

Sounds tied into the AI, allowing enemies to communicate and respond to noise.

Realistic reverb and echo, depending on the environment.

Multi-layered 3D positional audio, using multiple effects to produce a single sound.

Spot effects and speech expressed via full 3D positional audio.

BREED 2 … are there plans for a sequel, trilogy .. ?

Curiosity killed the cat! No comment on that one, sorry.

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