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Bridge of San Luis Rey, The

On July 20th 1714 the largest bridge in Peru collapsed. A single rope cracks and five people take a rather deadly dive into the ravine. Priest Juniper is a witness of the accident and one question keeps haunting him. Why did God Almighty chose these five people to die. Juniper tries to resolve that question by digging into the lives of those five unfortunate souls. His quest creates a conflict with the archbishop but Juniper persists, even when his own life is threatened. Although this movie makes you enjoy the rather spectacular Peruvian landscape the slow pace and abundance of static scenes will bore you eventually because Mary McGuckian did not succeed in distilling an interesting screenplay out of Thorton Wilder’s philosophical novel, which is a shame because the movie can rely on a talented cast with names as Robert De Niro, Gabriel Byrne and Harvey Keitel.

Sound and Vision:
Nothing out of the ordinary here; acceptable image and sound quality are provided, although the bitrate seems to be rather low at some points, resulting in fractals on LCD flatscreen television systems. This is of course not visible when watching the movie on a standard television set.

Ay yes, once again a publisher takes pride in putting ‘chapter selection’ as one of the extras. Oh dear. Also provided are some trailers of upcoming films, a behind the scenes documentary, some film clips, Interviews with the cast and crew and a photo gallery. If you can sit the 114 minutes if the main feature out, I will give you a free cookie if you can do the same with the hour of extras, right after that.

A flawed film carried to a mediocre level thanks to of the quality of the original novel and the talented acting. Worth watching if you have two hours to spare and don’t have a clue what to do.

Our Score:

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