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Bridget Jones 2: The Edge of Reason

Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) is back! Eight weeks she’s been with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and it’s been an incredible time. The parents are already looking forward to a wedding, but when the two start annoying each other with their little sides, things start to go wrong. Bridget makes an incredible fool out of herself both at a diner for lawyers aswell as at a holiday in Austria. When she suspects Mark is having an affair with a woman from his office, she completely goes crazy and throws Mark out. When she gets the opportunity to go to Thailand for her job, she has to team up again with Daniel Cleaver (Grant). However, to make sure she doesn’t make the same mistake twice, she takes one of her friends along to protect her from Cleaver, but when you think things couldn’t become any worse, Bridget gets arrested for drug smuggling and gets thrown in a Thai jail…

Sound and Vision:
We get 2.40:1 aspect ratio image but unlike we’re used from Universal, the overall quality isn’t as good as we would expect. Certain scenes lack detail, others are too soft, there’s quite some aliasing, and also grain is present.

The soundtrack on the other hand is pretty good. Although this is dialogue-driven movie, the surrounds are well-used. The music contains quite a lot of 90’s covers which won’t appeal to everyone.

We get three sections with extras, one for each main character.

– Audio commentary track by director Beeban Kidron
– Mini Break to Austria: a couple of shots on location in Austria accompanied by interview fragments
– 4 deleted scenes including an alternate opening

Daniel Cleaver :
– A smooth guide to exotic Thailand: equal to the Austria feature
– The Big Fight: Colin Ferth and Hugh Grant talk about the fight scene and how the other one sucks at fighting and acting
– Who’s your man!: multiple-choice quiz to find out whether you’re in for Daniel Cleaver or Mark Darcy

Mark Darcy :
– Mark and Bridget: Forever?: same type of feature as the ones on Thailand and Austria
– Bridget Jones interviews Colin Firth: Zellweger stays in the role of Bridget Jones and does an interview with Colin Firth. The funniest feature on the disc.
– Lonely London: Alex Hope talks about the visual effects used in the Lonely London scene

All features are commented by the director who I personally find a truly annoying woman
Trailers : Wimbledon and Meet the Fockers

To be honest, watching a movie for an hour and a half to be able to laugh with a scene that resembles one from the first movie isn’t really my idea of fun. Director Beeban Kidron hasn’t made any significant film before Bridget Jones 2, and she has followed the guidelines from the screenwriters Richard Curtis and Andrew Davies to the letter which means that Bridget Jones 2 takes the original movie, adds a couple of very predictable elements and that’s it. Mediocre at best. They should never have made a sequel, and the fact that the only funny things that happen in the movie apparantly aren’t even in the book, make me start wondering how dull the book must be…

Our Score:

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