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Bruce Almighty

Bruce Nolan (Carrey) works as a reporter for a local tv station and he’s got a nice girlfriend (Aniston) that loves him. Still, his life isn’t all too bright as his dog continuously pees against the cough in the living room, he’s almost 40 years old and still has to make reports about local happenings and he doesn’t seem to be able to progress in his career. After one of the worst days in his life (he misses a promotion to anchor man and even gets fired, his dog pees on the couch in his living room, he gets beaten up while trying to help a homeless guy and he crashes his car) he feels he’s being mistreated by God who in his opinion is doing a lousy job in ruling the world.

The day after he gets a beepermessage asking him to call to a number he doesn’t know, but when doing that he gets an auto-response message telling him to go to a building where he’ll get a new job. At first he doesn’t feel like going, but his curiosity is too strong and he decides to go anyway. Once arrived, he finds a building that is empty except for one man who claims he’s God himself and who tells him that it’s time to take a vacation so Bruce will get all the powers of the Almighty to replace him for a while. Bruce doesn’t believe what has happened but it soon becomes clear that the man seems to have spoken the truth as he does have some really cool new abilities and with new-found enthousiasm he starts with making his life better meaning getting his job back, getting back at the guys that beat the crap out of him and manipulating things so that he can have that anchor man job which he really was looking forward to. However, before long it becomes clear that his actions also have repercutions and that it isn’t so easy to play God. His girlfriend catches him with another woman, a meteorite which he let hit earth creates random power failures all around and because he granted everyone’s wishes, they all won the lottery which results in streets of raging people who believe the lottery is fake. Not knowing anymore what to do, Bruce now turns to God for help, but wasn’t God on holiday ?

Sound and Vision:
The image is sharp and contains lots of detail. Shadow depth is also ok and we didn’t spot any problems like compression errors or edge enhancement. In fact, the track is perfect with even absence of grain or aliasing and good, bright colors. Great job from Buena Vista!

The soundtrack of a comedy normally doesn’t need 5.1 as most of the time you’ll only get to hear dialogues but still there are enough effects in Bruce Almighty that can make use of the surround speakers and they do their job perfect. Dialogues are nicely positioned at the center speaker, surround speakers are subtle used for effects and some music while the front channels come in to create an all-round atmospheric sound image. Great job again, especially since movies like these hardly ever have a soundtrack that is above average.

We start off the extras with an audio commentary track from the director but a bit more interesting is the featurette called “Process of Jim” where the director explains how he and Carrey try to get as much out of a scene as possible and this of course results in Jim Carrey doing whatever he wants with the script while the director just keeps filming. Pretty funny although not all the time but we do get to see some behind-the-screens footage. Furthermore, the extras contain bloopers and deleted/altered scenes which are good enough to bring a smile to your face.

Bruce Almighty is an entertaining movie where we get to see Jim Carrey without too much overacting and that’s when he’s at his best. Still, Morgan Freeman for me kinda stole the show as he plays an incredible God while Jennifer Aniston rather has a sidekick role (to keep the romantic part of the movie going). The dvd shines when it comes to image and sound quality and the extras are nice as well although a full “Making Of” wouldn’t have been misplaced here

Our Score:

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