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Bullet Witch

Let’s deduct the words Bullet Witch. The first is all about an insational rain of bullets, the second about a series of supernatural powers that come in handy to get rid of those things the first word doesn’t do much about.

Together with the packaging, an attractive, and especially deadly Goth-chick, you’ve got about all the ingredients this game is made of. Unfortunately the content of the game only rarely manages to level of witch Alicia’s design. With the unused potential of a dark Lara, and with some memorable moments to show this even more, she gets defeated by repetitive gameplay, unbalanced graphics and a disappointing experience.

The makers say that the coming years we can expect wars, deadly diseases and apparently also an invasion of demons which results in humanity almost getting extinct. Only Alicia, a modern witch with a multifunctional broom, can oppose this a little and does this during six levels. These one hour stages are filled with enemies that suffer from some cloning disease and nicely wait for you to shoot them down.

That they don’t notice you’re standing close enough to scratch their zombie-like ass isn’t due to the surroundings, that’s for sure. Some aspects look pretty cool (think of the sky and the impressive explosions) but overall everything is just too grey and lacks too much inspiration to give a lasting impression. Also the shadows flicker like they’ve never before and the physics don’t seem to have any consistency. On top of that, the level design is done like it was five years ago: straight forward with impenetrable magic walls that you first have to get open before you can proceed.

You get one huge and quite cool-looking weapon: the Gunrod. You can upgrade this throughout the game and also use it as a sniper rifle or double-barred shotgun, but it never gets really interesting. Holding the trigger tight and your almost unlimited ammo will do most of the talking. Your enemies will be happy to walk into your line of fire while the AI of your occasional helpers is equally poor.

Only the magic spells manage to bring some fun, eventhough you need to select them in a clumsy way. You can push away vehicles and other objects, crush enemies or have lightning strike on bigger opponents. The real fun starts later with the tornado and meteor storm. These two spells deliver what they promised and result in a spectacular chaos that will tear down everything in your surroundings. Impressive and honestly sad to see that the game doesn’t do more with such powers. It does promise a lot for certain Star Wars games in development or a possible sequel.

The mediocrity of the graphics, apart from some positive points like the design and suit of the female hero, some atmospheric menus and effects, is also continued in the sound. The voicing sounds cheap and also the music was clearly no priority.

What remains of Bullet Witch is a short single player experience that has a couple of spectacular moments but disappoints on too many aspects. There’s no real multiplayer and only the biggest achievements freaks will try to go through the game for a second time. The presentation falls short, the gameplay is repetitive and the level design is clearly not inspiring enough in these modern times of excellent third person shooters to justify a purchase. Only gamers with a huge budget or a big love for gothic babes will be able to appreciate this title.

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