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Bulletproof Monk

Chow Yun Fat is a Tibetan Monk with n name who has to protect a scroll which has immense powers. In 1943, his monastery is overrun by Nazi’s and he only just got away from the German Colonel who wants to get his hands on the scroll to rule the world. 60 years later, the Monk is in the USA and still on the run for the Colonel when he meets Kar (Sean William Scott), a pickpocket who has reasonably good fighting skills. When Kar forfills one of the first prophecies for the new scrollbearer, the monk sees in him the next protector for it and starts to train him. Meanwhile, the Colonel has found a way to trick the monk and to obtain the scroll. When the Monk is captured, Kar and his girlfriend will have to do all they can to prevent the Colonel from getting infinite power.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is really superb. Congratulations to RCV as there are no compression errors, grain, print damage or anything. Colors are bright, level of black is solid, contrast and sharpness are perfect.

The disc is delivered with a DTS track which is warm and dynamic with lots of use of the subwoofer and rear channels. Lots of effects but they don’t interfere with the dialogues which are nicely positioned at the center speaker. Great work!

Only three trailers: Van God Los, Chicago and Gangs of New York (2.18 minuten)

Bulletproof Monk is a very entertaining action movie which RCV has appropriately accompanied with a DTS track. Technically the disk is great but the extras are really worth nothing. I would have loved to see a Making Of or something. Still, definitely worth checking out for people who like some action accompanied with a little sense of humour

Our Score:

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