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Burnout Dominator

I just recently got my driving license and believe me, it’s no fun at all. You get to know the more vicious side of society, and it’s a side better to leave alone. Most drivers think they’re the king of the concrete jungle and don’t care about little old me. Those fruitcakes just keep on driving like crazy, too fast and not even close by the rules. They even got the nerve to wave their fingers at me. Even more so, it’s a well known fact women don’t let you pass.

Thank God for Burnout because it gives you the opportunity to get rid of all those frustrations. And it’s a bad idea to get rid of my frustrations in real life. You understand my excitement when Burnout Dominator came through. Of course it doesn’t actually offer you a brand new experience, yet it brings you more of the same. Not always a bad thing, considering the fun and excitement of earlier Burnout games, and it’s a welcome change after the extremely over the top version of Burnout Revenge where you weren’t obliged to really be careful.

It’s no longer possible to drive into other cars without crashing, though “Takedowns” naturally remain a vital part in the game. Dominator stays true to the spirit of Burnout 1,2 and Takedown. Also back in business: Boost Chains. They give unlimited speed for as long as you drive crazy. That’s the tricky part; do you want to drive faster for the first place, or do you take no risk and just go for the second place? Because one crash really makes the difference here.

New in Burnout Dominator are the “Burnout Events”. You don’t race against opponents but you race against yourself and traffic. You score points by drifting, racing on the wrong lane etc. You can double, triple… these points by chaining your boosts. Quite simple all if you get the drill.

No more Signature Takedowns, they’ve been replaced by Signature Shortcuts. The basics are the same, yet you unlock shortcuts by taking another racer down at a specific place. Really hard to do so, but also really fulfilling.

It’s a shame Burnout Dominator offers nothing new, but obviously, it’s still fun as hell. It’s sort of a best of Burnout, or even a Burnout 4.1. A nice goodbye from Burnout to his good old friend Playstation2. More circuits, more cars, more crashes and more fun. That’s all there is to say about Dominator. Ow yes, what to say about the lack of Crash Events. I want these back in a PS3/xbox 360 version or else I’m going to be mad.

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