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Burnout Legends

If there’s one genre for which plenty of games are available on the PSP, then it’s racers. Think of titles like Wipeout Pure, still one of my favorites, and let’s say Ridge Racer. It was with some doubt that I put the PSP version of Burnout Legends into my PSP. With the DS-version in mind, my expectations weren’t all too high, but the promise of all the best pieces from previous versions was enough to push me over the line.

Criterion and EA were completely right to port this game to Sony’s handheld. The atmosphere and gameplay of its big brothers is completely there, and this time you can play where and when you want! On top of that the makers succeeded to make a coherent whole of all the good from the console version, and as you know that’s quite a lot.

While playing you immediately get that same fantastic feeling of speed, the rock hard crashes and of course the fat race-types and crash modes. The World Tour is somewhat changed but not much different from that from Takedown, and allows you to complete missions like a career, collect cars and conquer the world in your iron horse. To please those with little time you can also start up a Crash or Road Rage game in which you can race without loosing time.

Pursuit Mode is back, to the joy of many fans. Thanks to Most Wanted also younger gamers know the thrill of cop chases and also in this Legends the adrenaline doesn’t stop pumping when you click your sirens and start chasing vermin. Too bad no more variations have been added.

Also special on this PSP version is the fact that those that don’t own the game can download a level to get a taste of the multiplayer which in fact is quite alright thanks to the Wi-Fi support. On top of that each UMD contains a couple of different unique cars that you can only get by exchanging them with other owners of the game. Burnout: Pokémon!

Typical for the PSP are irritatingly long loading times and also this game faces that problem. However, contrary to f.i. Midnight Club 3 they’re still acceptable. The controls also don’t spoil the fun and that is already an accomplishment by itself: although I still remain with cramped fingers after a while.

Burnout wouldn’t be Burnout without clear sound effects and flashy graphics. Also here the ball is hit perfectly as even the small PSP screen sucks you into its slipstream. Only the soundtrack doesn’t convince, but graphically and auditively things are quite alright. Tracks filled with details, an almost always satisfying framerate, beautiful cars and spectacular effects. Now and then it’s a bit hard to see the right way coming, with as occasional result a car wreck, but when seeing the high speed you get, this problem isn’t too bad.

Burnout Legends is what Burnout Revenge is on Xbox. That alone should give you enough reason to buy it, but let’s repeat for those that didn’t get it the first time. Unequalled speed, graphical beauty, spectacular and perfectly worked out gameplay, a lot of content, the best pieces from its big brothers on console, and all that together in a tight package. That is Legends, and that’s why it’s a must for any racefan and everyone owning a PSP

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