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Max is a simple delivery man who gets the opportunity to earn a couple of extra bucks if he will bring a package to a guy’s house. When he arrives at the house, however, one of the rooms is on fire and the package he had to deliver contains millions of dollars. Only minutes after he made this discovery, the FBI jumps on him and claims he’s killed Mr. Brangton (the boss). Max panics and flees the scene. He finds out that another similar package has to be delivered at Devil’s Peak so with a stolen car he heads off to find out what happened and who’s trying to frame him. When he arrives at a small town near Devil’s Peak, he gets spotted by a scout leader who’s on his way to a field trip with some cup scouts. Max forces the scoutsdude to take change cars (to temporarily get rid of the cops) and flees. A couple of miles further, he gets caught by a cop who mistakenly believes he’s the guy the scouts are waiting for so Max has no other choice than to go on a field trip while the whole country is looking out for him.

Sound and Vision:
For a budget title the image quality is really good. Nice vibrant colors, good detail and hardly any compression errors. Also there’s no edge enhancement nor grain. Surprisingly good !

The soundtrack is Dolby Digital 2.0 and thus doesn’t use the rear channels and even the sub is never used. Still, the sound is clear and well understandable

We only get the theatrical trailer as is usual for a budget release

Looking for a funny movie which you can watch with the kids ? Then this is your pick.

Our Score:

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