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Butterfly Effect 2, The

A year after his girlfriend died in a car accident, Nick finds out that he can travel back in time and change things. However, by doing so, he doesn’t only change the detail he wants to change, but the entire course of his life from that moment on until the present day and while things may seem great at first, they changes are almost always bigger then he had expected…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are pretty decent without being perfect. Clear picture without compression errors, grain or edge enhancement is what we get.

The surround track does its job without being all too impressive.


The Butterfly Effect 2 is the sequel to the 2004 movie that was original and did pretty well. However, while the first movie was compelling, had an original view and managed to keep you interested from the very first second to the last minute, this one is uninspired and even has some loopholes in the plot. The characters seem to be made from cardboard paper, there’s no background info on their childhood (something that was really well-done in the original) and the overall acting is pretty average also. Everyone seems to be walking around like zombies and at no point will you ever feel any tension or a feeling of wanting to know what’s coming next. Everything is just extremely predictable and overall this sequel seems to have just taken the main idea from the original without caring for any details that made the first one so good. Conclusion: a very average straight-to-dvd weekend movie that doesn’t shine in any department.

Paradiso delivers the dvd with some decent image and sound quality but who cares about that if the movie itself isn’t any good?

Our Score:

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