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Butterfly Effect Director's Cut, The

All his life, Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) has had blackouts whenever a traumatic experience happened. Whenever he asks what happened, his friends don’t want to tell him about it. His mother tells him to keep a diary as that may help against the blackouts but although he follows her request carefully, it doesn’t really help.

Several years later, he’s in college and it’s been seven years since he’s had a blackout again. He wants to celebrate this event but when he finds his old diaries back, he starts to read in them. When he reaches a passage near one of the blackouts, he suddenly goes back to the moment he was reading about. When he wakes back up, he’s back in his own time but with one small difference: he’s got a scar on his body where he burnt himself with a cigarette when he was back in his youth. It becomes clear to him that he can alter history by going back in time. He decides to go back to a moment in time that was a real shock for him and his girlfriend and changes things. However, with one change, a lot of other things change as well and when he returns to the present time, not everything is as good as he would have wanted it to be…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is extremely sharp and contains a lot of detail. There are different color schemes in the movie but at no point does this cause for any problems. There’s some minor color bleeding but edge enhancement and compression errors are absent.

This director’s cut contains not only a Dolby Digital 5.1 track but also a DTS ES 6.1 track which we of course prefer. There’s a lot of use of the subwoofer for additional bass while also the surround speakers get more than their share of the action. Great Stuff !

Disc 1 :
– Director’s cut movie
– Audio commentary track with Eric Bress and Jonathan Mackye Gruber who tell about the changes between the normal version and the director’s cut
– 7 deleted scenes including optional commentary by the director
– Additional alternative endings
– Documentary “The History And Allure Of Time Travel”: feature on the human desire for time travel.
– Trailer

Disc 2 :
– Theatrical cut movie
– Documentary “The Science And Psychology Behind Chaos Theory”: additional feature on time travel
– Documentary “The Creative Process”: Eric Bress and Jonathan Mackye Gruber talk about how hard it was to get the movie created
– Documentary “Visual Effects”: standard feature on visual effects
– Trailers of Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Intermission and Madhouse.

The Butterfly Effect is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Ashton Kutcher actually shows that he can act and together with a decent supporting cast and a great storyline, we get a fantastic movie experience. On the technical side, everything is perfectly done by Paradiso and also the extra’s are worth checking out. To those that don’t know whether to buy the director’s cut or the theatrical version I can say this: the director’s cut is 10 times better than the original so there’s no doubt about it that this is the version you will want to buy. This is a must-have!

Our Score:

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