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Butterfly Effect, The

All his life, Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) has had blackouts whenever a traumatic experience happened. Each time he asks what happened, his friends don’t want to tell him about it. His mother asks him to keep a diary as that may help against the blackouts but although he follows her request carefully, it doesn’t do much.

Several years later, he’s in college and it’s been seven years since he’s had a blackout again. He wants to celebrate this event but when he finds his old diaries back, he starts to read in them. When he reaches a passage near one of the blackouts, he suddenly goes back to the moment he was reading about. When he wakes back up, he’s back in his own time but with one small difference: he’s got a scar on his body where he burnt himself with a cigarette when he was back in his youth. It becomes clear to him that he can alter history by going back in time. He decides to go back to a moment in time that was a real shock for him and his girlfriend and changes things. However, with one change, a lot of other things change as well and when he returns to the present time, not everything is as good as he would have wanted it to be…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains quite a lot of grain and overall this Blu-ray doesn’t really stand its ground when compared to other recent releases, even when looking at other Blu-rays that are transfers from DVD. Things could have been a lot better.

The sound is just as good as we got from the DVD thanks to a very ambient DTS-HD track. However, the Editor’s Cut DVD also had a DTS-ES 6.1 track and the difference in minimal.


Ashton Kutcher shows in The Butterfly Effect that he can act and together with a decent supporting cast and a great storyline, we get a fantastic movie experience.

On the technical side, we’re quite disappointed as this release doesn’t have sparkle-clean image quality and doesn’t really manage to do better on the sound part than the DTS-ES track that we got on the Director’s Cut DVD. Add to that the complete absense of extras and we can only say that this Blu-ray is a major disappointment overall and doesn’t even manage to stand up to the aforementioned DVD.

If you’ve got the DVD there’s no reason to go out and buy this Blu-ray.

Our Score:

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