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Butterfly on a wheel

Neil Warner’s life is going great. It seems his career knows no stop, his loving wife is taking care of their daughter and with a weekend with his boss coming up in a cabin it looks like another promotion is on its way. But then faith comes luring around the corner. While on his way to his boss, suddenly a man appears from the backseat of Neil’s car and points a gun at him and his wife. Tom Ryan seems determined to take away anything the couple loves and if they don’t do what he says, they will never see their daughter again. For 24 hours, their life will be in the hands of Tom Ryan and he’s got a ton of plans in mind for them…

Sound and Vision:
We get excellent image quality with plenty of detail, good contrast and compression errors that are very minor and will only be noticed if you’re really looking for them.

The sound is focused on the front speakers with little use of the surrounds but now and then you’ll hear some environment sounds coming from the rear. The subwoofer gives some support to the music but overall there’s little special about the sound in general. Dialogues are crystal clear.

None, not even an intro screen

In Butterfly on a Wheel we again see Pierce Brosnan play the “bad guy”, a role he does pretty well, while also Gerard Butler and Mario Bello perform nicely. The storyline brings a lot of tension due to the fact that Brosnan’s motives remain unclear up until the end and this makes the movie quite entertaining to watch. The plot twist at the end is quite unexpected and may be a turnoff for some people, but others could actually find it perfect in its unpredictable nature and originality.

RCV delivers this dvd with good image and sound quality but again lacks adding extra features. Of course this is perfect for people who are only interested in the movie itself as this way you don’t have to pay a premium price

Our Score:

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